TechCast #41 – Andres Almiray on Groovy Griffon, THE Swing UI Framework

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Our guest on this episode is Andres Almiray, key contributor to the Groovy Griffon project at CodeHaus.  Griffon is an MVC framework and application development platform for building Swing-based applications, and can be configured to execute Applets, Java Applications and Web Start projects.

Andres talks about the Griffon MVC framework, plugins, Addons, event dispatching, and a lot more.


Griffon home
Griffon Mailing Lists
The Grails project, the starting point for the core of Griffon

The Griffon Team
Andres Almiray –
Danno Ferrin –
James Williams –
Guillaume Laforge
Jim Shingler
Josh A. Reed

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