DevNews 84 – Embers in the fire, hearts bleeding everywhere, I need a KitKat

This week we have some news in the world of security, Javascript framework Ember makes a good appearance, and we have talk of KitKat and SD Cards, as well as the state of mobile processors for Android, Windows, and iPhone (and tablets and notebooks).

JavaScript's Modern Tools – Grunt – Ant for the Browser?

In our prior JavaScript build tools posts, we already discussed bower and npm, two tools that help you download and install dependencies. But what about tools to build your application, run tests, distribute minified versions and run quality checks? Enter Grunt.

Javascript's Modern Web Tools – Introduction

If you’re used to writing jQuery scripts and trying them from your browser, you’ll probably be surprised to know that over the past few years, tools have cropped up to make the old browser language more enterpris-ey. This multi-part tutorial series shows you how the world of Javascript tooling has invaded and provided ways to handle dependency management, build processing, and application assembly in a whole new way.

Chariot Developer News Episode #52 – SIM Card Hacking, JS tools, Unix tools for BigData

Show Links Sim Card Hack exposes potentially – millions of phones, potentially. Here’s hoping our phones use Triple-DES encryption. Foundation -vs- Twitter Bootstrap – a good overview of both and their strengths. Great comments as well. Unix commands for data science That’s what i sed, unix util(s) for fun and profit, head to your couch, … Read More