DevNews #40 – Spring 3.1 is here, Grails 2.0, and Heroku for Grails

Show Notes Spring 3.1 goes GA – http://blog.springsource.org/2011/12/13/spring-framework-3-1-goes-ga/ Grails 2.0 Released – http://blog.springsource.org/2011/12/15/grails-2-0-released/ Grails on Heroku goes beta – http://blog.heroku.com/archives/2011/12/15/grails/ Peter Ledbrook on vert.x – http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/home/groovy-vert-x vert.x 0.2 with limited Groovy support – http://purplefox.github.com/vert.x/ ember.js (formerly amber.js) – http://www.emberjs.com/ Google Spreadsheet in 10 min with Neo4 – jhttp://blog.neo4j.org/2011/12/neo4j-labs-heroku-neo4j-and-google.html?spref=tw Groovy Algorithms – http://blog.chariotsolutions.com/2011/11/groovy-algorithms-shunting-yard.html Akka Scheduler – http://blog.chariotsolutions.com/2011/10/akka-scheduler-actors-with-heartbeats.html Scala Actors in Groovy – http://raibledesigns.com/rd/entry/concurrency_on_the_jvm_using Philly ETE … Read More

DevNews #38 – The world is changing (a bit) and more

This week we catch up with all of the world’s news in what normally is a quiet August. Then we discuss some new releases in the Firefox world, the new Java Lambda decision, Java 7 features, and a warning about Java 7 and Lucene. Hosts:  Jason Gtitman and Ken Rimple Show Notes Lamba decision for … Read More

DevNews #37 – Heroku adds Clojure AND Mats, we talk LMAX, Grails 1.4 is now 2.0, design patterns in JS

Joining Ken Rimple this week are Jamie Allen (@jamie_allen) and Jason Gritman.  Topics discussed: Grails – user – Grails 1.4 is now Grails 2.0 Countdown to Grails 2.0: Static resources | SpringSource Team Blog Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners Google+ buttons in CSS Heroku | Clojure on Heroku Ruby Creator Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto Joins … Read More