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DevNews #34 – Google hires Gosling, closes Android Honeycomb, we talk productivity

Hello there, and welcome to April 1st. Still working on those screenshot URLs from our episode on Friday, but we do have the links from articles we spoke about in the podcast below. I bought a Mac. So sue me. | ZDNet – Hee hee, couldn’t resist.  Yet another person who walked smack into becoming … Read More

DevNews #23 – I hereby patent strange podcast episode titles…

(Sorry for the delay between shows lately.  It’s the summer, and I was away on vacation…) Especially THIS week, the opinions of Ken and Eric do not reflect the opinions of Chariot Solutions… Speaking of this week, here are the links, found also on delicious.com at delicious.com/developernews/23 Links you can use! Release Notes – Grails … Read More