TechCast #78 – Andrew Larkin on Xooie, Open Source at Comcast

The tech cast is brought to you by Chariot Solutions education services. If you’re on a development team working in Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, Scala or Android, we’re here to help. For onsite training, one-on one or group mentoring, or to attend one of our public classes, visit us on the web at This … Read More

PhillyETE Screencast #22 – AngularJS Directives – DSL in your HTML – Lukas Ruebbelke and Brian Ford

From the abstract: “AngularJS is an awesome JavaScript framework that has a laundry list of great features. One of the most powerful features is the ability to create custom HTML elements and attributes that are specific to your domain. We will cover how to make custom directives to do neat tricks. By ‘neat tricks’ we … Read More

Philly ETE Screencast #4 – Yehuda Katz on the Ember.js application framework

Yehuda Katz discusses the Ember.js development framework for Single-Page JS applications.