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Chariot DevNews Episode #49 – Tools all the way down

This week we’re reviewing our favorite tools, development and otherwise. Joel and Ken talk about: JSbin.com and JSFiddle.net – two browser-based tools that make fiddling with Javascript easy and fun Trello – a good project-board tool. Codiqa – a browser-based mobile IDE for PhoneGap/JQuery Mobile Apigee – web service / data service hosting platform. Cloudbees … Read More

Using jQueryMobile and Backbone.js for handling forms

Introduction In this post, I continue the development of my basic “exercise app” that I started (and enhanced) in these posts: Intro to Backbone with jQuery Mobile Sorting Collections with Backbone.js and jQuery Mobile From a List to a Details View using jQuery Mobile and Backbone.js Let’s add the ability to create and edit exercise … Read More

From a List to a Details View using jQueryMobile and Backbone.js

In my previous post I built a basic application to demonstrate the use of Backbone.js with jQueryMobile (JQM). The introduction can be found here, with a brief subsequent post on sorting collections here. In this post, I would like to add the capability to view the details of the items presented in the list view. … Read More

Introduction to Backbone.js with jQuery Mobile

If you are working on a JavaScript heavy application (think jQuery Mobile, etc.), you probably will want to look at some JavaScript libraries to help add structure, consistency and convenience to your applications. One of the JavaScript libraries I’ve used lately is Backbone.js. To quote Backbone themselves, it provides “models with key-value binding and custom … Read More