TechCast #94 – Luke Wagner on WebAssembly

Luke Wagner is a research engineer at Mozilla, the makers of Firefox and the shepherds of the JavaScript language specification, known as ECMAScript and managed by the famous TC-39 subcommittee. Luke and his group are working on building a specification for and implementation of a binary runtime for the web. Known as WebAssembly, this runtime … Read More

DevNews #69 – Google Machine Learning Becomes Sentient – or does it just love shredders?

In this episode, Joel warns us that the machines have started to learn on their own – and that maybe they can tell shredders apart from trashcans… Also, a great TechCrunch article on how you can now build dynamic grids of compute servers using Mesos and have them automatically bootstrapped and configured by Docker. We talk about CoreOS, which is a small linux distro for beginning machine configurations, the Genymotion android VM that everyone was talking about at AnDevCon2013, and more.