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Why Open Source Can Mean Better Support

One of the first questions enterprise clients ask us when they evaluate an open source platform is, “How good is the support?” The assumption is that a commercial platform means reliable 24/7 support while open source means you’re more or less on your own. But the opposite is often true: Not only are many open … Read More

More video reports from Philly ETE

Your intrepid reporter has recovered sufficiently enough to continue posting videos from the last week’s conference. There is still some work to do, but I hope to have everyone’s up by Monday. Continue to check back for audio feeds, too. This clip is from John Quillen. John ran the Open source is a Commercial Enterprise? … Read More

TechCast #40 – A roundtable discussion with the Open Solutions Alliance

Disclosure:  Chariot is an integration partner with the OSA. Panelists Nick Halsey – Marketing and Product Management at JasperSoft Debbie Moynahan – Community management and marketing for Fuse Open Source @ Progress SW Deb Woods – Product management at Ingres Anthony Gold – President of Open Solutions Alliance and board member of Blue Nog, CEO … Read More