DevNews #55 – In which our titles are shorter, and we ask, why not Javascript?

In this episode, we discuss Javascript, javascript and more javascript… But, we also discuss DBaaS (YAaaS acronym), a tasty infographic, a set of web frameworks reviewed by the people who bring you JRebel, and more. Javascript – the future dominant language of the enterprise? First Apache Tomcat 8 Release Candidate Now Available PirateBrowser — designed … Read More

ETE 2010 #1 – Michael Cote of RedMonk on Cloud Computing

Chariot Solutions TechCast – ETE 2010 Conference Session #1 – Keynote Session from Michael Coté, analyst from RedMonk I first ran into Michael Coté’s work back in 2008 when we put together the Chariot Cloud Con East conference. Among the many grandstanding blogs about cloud computing at the time, RedMonk was a place we could … Read More