A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Custom Vite Plugin

ViteJS (Vite) has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting tools in the modern web development ecosystem. Vite offers developers a highly efficient and flexible build process with sane defaults to get a project up and running quickly. One of the many features that makes Vite truly stand out is its extensible Plugin API. … Read More

DevNews #16 – Hush huh, Py Py, Hush Hush Maven-I, HTML 5 (sing it!)

Your bi-(hopefully)weekly dish of developer news, served up fresh and hot.  Well, ok, one day later than originally recorded. An un-expergated version of the links is available at Links My Common Git Workflow – PyPy – what a name – Python written in Python.  How very meta of you! Django 1.2.1 released – now … Read More