Philly ETE Screencast #10 – Fail Fast – Tumblr’s evolving architecture – Ken Little

From the abstract: “Over the past two years Tumblr has experienced tremendous growth, with traffic growing more than 10x from less than 1.6B pageviews a month to nearly 20B pageviews a month. Tumblr started in 2007 as a traditional LAMP application with some memcache usage. Over the past two years Tumblr has moved towards a … Read More

TechCast #59 – Eric Snyder on MongoDB, a NoSQL Database Engine

Chariot’s own Eric Snyder discusses MongoDB, a document-oriented NoSQL database. Show Notes MongoDB is built and supported by 10gen Information on BSON, a Binary format similar to JSON: Document oriented datastore. Documents are JSON-like. Storage is really BSON, a binary representation of JSON. Supports ad-hoc querying (like relational) Queries are expressed as BSON documents. You … Read More