TechCast #59 – Eric Snyder on MongoDB, a NoSQL Database Engine

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Chariot’s own Eric Snyder discusses MongoDB,
a document-oriented NoSQL database.

Show Notes

  • MongoDB is built and supported by 10gen
  • Information on BSON, a Binary format similar to JSON:
  • Document oriented datastore. Documents are JSON-like.
    Storage is really BSON, a binary representation of JSON.
  • Supports ad-hoc querying (like relational)
  • Queries are expressed as BSON documents. You can reference deeply nested
    attributes and there are a robust collection of query operators.
  • MongoDB query optimizer is not cost based. MongoDB tries all query plans
    simultaneously until it one completes, then it terminates the others.
    It then reuses that plan for the query until it begins to perform poorly
  • Document attributes can be indexed similarly to a relational db column.
  • Map/reduce is available for more complex data analysis.
  • MongoDB has built-in replication and auto-sharding.
  • Uses a native binary over-the-wire protocol implemented by various drivers.
    There are drivers available for many languages/environments.

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