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Technology Trends in Gaming & Sports Betting 

One of the more remarkable turnarounds in recent American culture has been the embrace of sports betting and online gaming. What was once considered a vice and relegated to relatively few in-person jurisdictions has quickly exploded into the mainstream and online.   Like with any growth industry, this has had cascading consequences for others that work … Read More

Philly ETE 2020 – Jessica Kerr – Investigation and Creation of Software

Check out our YouTube playlist to watch all the talks from Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise 2020. Abstract As software developers we operate in pockets of reality with their own rules. From our language system to frameworks to the software we interface with, our work is first that of the scientist: how does this happen? … Read More

Rewriting Your Mobile App: Short-term Sacrifice for Long-Term Gain

Introduction At Chariot Solutions, we have been developing mobile apps since the release of the first iOS SDK in early 2008. Back then, all app development was new. A lot of developers flocked to mobile development as the new shiny object. As is the case with all new software development stacks, some apps were developed … Read More

Implementing Handoff In iOS and macOS

Handoff is a neat feature that was introduced in iOS 8 and macOS (then OS X) v10.10. This capability allows an app to pass data across macOS and iOS devices so that a task started on one device can be completed on another device. In this tutorial we will implement Handoff on both iOS and macOS platforms.

Top Questions To Ask When Choosing an Android Development Firm or Developer

Now that we understand the implications and challenges of embarking on an Android project, let’s discuss how to find the right firm or developer for the job! You are ultimately responsible for the application – even if you go the outsourcing route. Things happen, disagreements happen, and turn over happens. The likelihood is high that … Read More

Web Application Security

The recent news that the popular dating site Plenty Of Fish was hacked and that passwords and other user information was stolen truly disheartened me. It was just the latest in a seemingly endless list of such hacks over the years, recently including Gawker Media (Lifehacker, Gizmodo), McDonald’s, Walgreen’s and Pizza Hut. Apparently, Little Bobby … Read More

David Black at Philly ETE

David Black was kind enough to give two talks at the conference this year. The first is entitled Opinionated is Relative: Choice and Modularity in Rails Applications. The second, Barbara, Demeter, and Don: Notes on Some CS Precepts from a Non-Scientist Programmer, was rated as one of the best talks by one of Chariot’s consultants. … Read More