Aaron Mulder

Chariot Day: Then and Now

New and Cool AJAX, DWR and Spring Intro to JPA Spring and Groovy Intro to Ruby Selenium Web Testing Firebug: Web Debugging Evolved Spring Webflow Django as a Second Language Intro to Maven Google AppEngine: A Simple App Introduction to Asynchronous Servlets Introduction to Spring Batch Apache Camel Intro to Lift Grails Is, Knows, and … Read More

Notes from the Phorum – Cloud means something a little different to everyone

Enterprise Enterprise users get dinged for cloud-washing: buying VMware and saying they’re running a cloud.  But many of them do want to offer a “private cloud”.  Some of the differences?  Automation, standard cloud “machine” configurations, self-service provisioning, a single cloud for all business units, calculating runtime costs and charging projects for them.  Some of the … Read More

iPhone and SSL

One of the problems I ran into while working on our iPhone app (see past post) is handling SSL connections. It works just fine with proper certificates, but we have several machines with self-signed SSL certificates. The normal NSURLConnection in the iPhone SDK just rejects connections to a server with a self-signed certificate, and there … Read More