15 Minutes With: Andrea Goulet on Empathy-Driven Development

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We’re continuing Women’s History Month by highlighting another amazing woman (and former ETE speaker!) Andrea Goulet, the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Corgibytes, LLC. Andrea co-founded CorgiBytes to remodel software applications to be more stable, scalable, and secure, but at the core of the company is one important value: empathy.

To Andrea, ’empathy’ isn’t just a feel-good nicety: it’s a tool to be wielded for better observability in development (think about your commit messages!) and is critical for building a team’s psychological safety, which Google’s Project Aristotle named as the core attribute for successful, high-functioning teams.

Enter Empathy-Driven Development. Coined by Andrea, it’s a framework for the skillful, concrete application of empathy on development teams. What does this look like in practice on development teams? What are the business benefits? And how do you leverage empathy and communication to pay down technical debt?

Andrea and Tracey discuss.


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