15 Minutes With

15 Minutes With: Don Coleman on PropTech & IoT

In this video, Tracey Welson-Rossman talks to Don Coleman, CIO of Chariot Solutions. They discuss PropTech – what it is, how it creates conveniences and cost savings for homeowners and real estate managers, and how they see it being applied to new challenges in the future.

15 Minutes With: David Esterkin & Matt Gilbride

Chariot developers Matt Gilbride and David Esterkin are currently working on a product that handles terabyte scales of highly regulated, secure data from clinical trials that must be fully HIPAA compliant. Sometimes this data is so confidential that they can’t even see or access it. So how does HIPAA compliance change the way software developers have to do their job?

15 Minutes With: Chris Baglieri

Gathering, cleaning, manipulating, and assessing data is a complex (and expensive) job – especially if the data takes a wide variety of forms, and comes from many different sources. So why should companies invest in that work?

15 Minutes With: The ETE 2020 Team

The Mid-Atlantic’s Premier Developer’s Conference, Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise moved live online — due to COVID-19. Learn how our team took the live conference to virtual in 45 days.

15 Minutes With: Ryan Schumacher and Drew DeCarme

In today’s episode of 15 Minutes With, Tracey Welson-Rossman discusses the pro bono effort lead by Chariot and Penn to develop Nourished, an app that allows essential hospital staff to easily order meals from a curated list of local restaurants via web app.

15 Minutes With: Drew DeCarme & Matt Gilbride

Project Tech Dive: Docker, TypeScript, React and Lerna FTW! Ken Rimple, Drew DeCarme, and Matt Gilbride reflect on the technologies and techniques they used to stand up a Docker-based web application on AWS.

15 Minutes With: Kade Anthony

Tracey Welson-Rossman and Kade Anthony discuss small batch manufacturing, manufacturing in Philadelphia, and how IoT can give new life to legacy hardware.

15 Minutes With: Sujan Kapadia

In the first episode of 15 Minutes With, Tracey Welson-Rossman and Sujan Kapadia discuss ideas to help remote teams work more effectively, while focusing on the human side of things.