15 Minutes With: Tiffany Wilson, the new President & CEO of the Science Center

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In this episode, Tracey Welson-Rossman sits down with Tiffany Wilson, the new President & CEO of the University City Science Center.

Coming from a background in medical device innovation, Tiffany spent the last 20 years of her career wearing all the different hats, and living all the different challenges that medtech startups face as they move from pre-clinical studies and prototyping, all the way to commercialization.

Now she’s entering a new role as CEO of the University City Science Center, Philly’s hub for innovation at the convergence of tech, data, and medtech. What drew her to the opportunity? Which challenges are exciting to her? And how has coronavirus spurred unlikely (but necessary) collaboration between different sectors in pursuit of a solution?

Then, they chat diversity and breaking boundaries: as a CEO herself and former startup coach, is Tiffany seeing more women in the C-suite of startups?

Tiffany’s answer? It all depends on where you are.

Listen on for the full interview.

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