Another Perspective on Remote Work


The impact of COVID-19 and the pandemic are beginning to lessen. As we return to what is a new normal, there is a discussion amongst most organizations about continuing remote work versus returning to the office full-time.

For Chariot Solutions, remote work has been an option on most projects since we started almost 19 years ago. We understand that remote work is not sustainable for all businesses, but for companies like ours it has always made sense.

Our employees, mostly software engineers writing code regularly, have proven to work well remotely if they have the right tools, technologies, processes and lines of communication in place. We trust them to get their work done whether it is at their home office, in our offices or at our client’s location. Taking the burden of a daily commute off their shoulders and providing flexibility in their schedules has contributed toward our success in hiring and retaining some of the most skilled technologists around, despite the intense competition for talent.

Last year, when the pandemic forced almost every business to operate remotely, I wrote this message and stated “It’s reassuring to know that of all the challenges we face, location isn’t one of them. Our consultants and support teams are still able to deliver the quality of work that sets us apart.” Going remote was not even a question for us because it was how we operated.  

At the start of the pandemic, Tracey Welson-Rossman, CMO, and Sujan Kapadia, Director of Consulting, sat down to talk about how Charioteers make remote work work.

The new normal for us is really just business as usual, except that now most businesses are more knowledgeable of the benefits of remote work, and thus more accepting of it. We know that having flexibility for our consultants in terms of where they work is good for our business and our clients.

We are glad to see other voices, like Adam Grant, organizational psychologist and bestselling author and Wharton professor, agree with our values and philosophy.

To the leaders trying to cancel all remote work: did you forget when we made it work during a pandemic? Productivity is about purpose and process, not place. It’s driven by why and how we work—not where we work. Flexibility is here to stay. Those who reject it may not be.” (Via Adam Grant on LinkedIn.)