Chariot demonstrates iPhone Application to monitor tc Server performance

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Real-time performance insight application will be on display during SpringOne 2GX.

We at Chariot have been working on an iPhone application to monitor Java EE application servers. Dubbed “ServerMonitor,” the application can connect to an application server and monitor various aspects of the system. This week we are demonstrating integration with tc Server at SpringOne/2GX in New Orleans.

The application uses RESTful web services to communicate with a monitoring web application. The monitor communicates with the JMX Server on the application server and relays the information to the iPhone client.

This application will enable real-time visibility of system availability and current load. After installing and configuring the monitor web application and downloading the iPhone application, users will be able to select the servers to monitor and set alert thresholds for their specific performance requirements. The application can be used as an assessment tool for IT directors and system administrators to direct troubleshooting and performance tuning efforts while in the field.

Expanding the shared knowledge base and skill set in anticipation of future business challenges is a priority for Chariot. A team of Chariot developers is involved in the development and testing of the iPhone app to ensure the successful fulfillment of the vision for the app. The new expertise gained by the development team will be disseminated throughout the Chariot staff via internal training sessions.

“We are pleased to have Chariot as a partner and return sponsor of SpringOne 2GX,“ says Mitch Ferguson, senior director of alliances for the SpringSource division of VMware. ”The new iPhone app will help IT operations staff and systems administrators remotely monitor SpringSource tc Server performance in real time and from the convenience of their hand held device.”

Next steps…

In addition to demonstrating the updated release of the product at SpringOne 2GX, Chariot will also be recruiting a select group of IT executives and systems administrators to participate in a beta test of the iPhone app. Testers will be able to contribute feedback to help deliver a feature set for the app that is most beneficial to individuals in a system administration role.

For more information, or to participate in shaping the product, please contact Tracey Welson-Rossman.

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