DevNews #45 – Rod Johnson leaves VMware, FuseSource acquired by RedHat, more…

Note – to view all of the links that made up this podcast, visit our Delicious show page at http://delicious.com/developernews/45 Sponsors Chariot Solutions Education Services – Training in Spring, Hibernate, Scala, Maven and more. Visit us on the web at chariotsolutions.com/education Events Scalathon 2012 News Rod Johnson Leaving VMWare Spring project infrastructure maturing FuseSource acquired by RedHat … Read More

Enterprise Integration with Spring Training

Are you a Spring Developer? Do you have Enterprise solutions to develop or architect? Chariot Solutions, a Spring Training Partner and Philadelphia leader in Spring Training, Mentoring and Consulting can help you take your Spring skills to the next level – Enterprise Integration! There are many Spring developers who have learned by experimenting, reading documentation … Read More

Gordon Dickens – Spring Roo Recap from Philly ETE

Coming to the end of the talks that need to be posted. I am hoping to make my self-imposed deadline of finishing up by the end of the weekend. This latest one is by Chariot’s own, Gordon Dickens. Gordon gave a talk on Spring Roo, a newer tool in the Spring Framework set.

SpringOne 2GX – Interview with Chris Richardson

It was great to catch up with a good friend of Chariot’s, Chris Richardson. Chris’s company, Cloud Foundry, was purchased by Springsource in August, right before the Springsource acquisition by VMWare. In the interview below, Chris discusses what Cloud Foundry does and where it fits into the Springsource family.

Chariot demonstrates iPhone Application to monitor tc Server performance

Real-time performance insight application will be on display during SpringOne 2GX. We at Chariot have been working on an iPhone application to monitor Java EE application servers. Dubbed “ServerMonitor,” the application can connect to an application server and monitor various aspects of the system. This week we are demonstrating integration with tc Server at SpringOne/2GX … Read More