At Chariot Solutions, Engagement Requires an "Inspirational Environment"

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Recently Mike Rappaport, Chariot’s CEO, was interviewed for Enterprise Engagement Journal. The interview, about Chariot’s philosophy, is excerpted below:

It always gets our attention when we receive a press release from a company touting its commitment to employee engagement, so we followed up on a recent release from Chariot Solutions to find out why. The company is a software application development, consulting and training firm specializing in open source technologies, enterprise and mobile application development based in Fort Washington, PA. Michael J. Rappaport, the founder and CEO, had in interesting reply indicative of what’s happening with many companies requiring highly skilled employees. “Chariot Solutions is known for the deep technical chops of our consultants and our excellent track record of successful projects,” explains Rappaport.

“Our greatest challenge has always been acquiring new talent. Our growth is limited by supply. So I want top-tier software architects outside Chariot to see how great an environment we have so that they’ll consider joining us.”

The company currently has 60 employees serving a customer base of roughly 100, and Rappaport believes he could expand more rapidly if he could find more of the high level developers he needs. (Do you know any Scala developers?)

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