What LightBend's next round of financing means to the Software Development World

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Last week, Lightbend (formerly Typesafe) received a cash infusion of $20M from investors (see announcement here). At Chariot, we are happy for our partner. More than that, we believe that it signals a growing trend of the importance of the convergence of IoT, mobile and the collection and use of data in real time.

IDC has predicted that the IoT market will be $2.2 trillion dollars in the next four years. With a wide array of industries looking to utilize IoT, from industrial automation and healthcare to toys and personal fitness, it appears this prediction of explosive growth is not overstated.

“Mobile and IoT use cases are driving enterprises to modernize how they process large volumes of data,” says Doug Fisher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation, one of the investors in this round.

Understanding the core tenets of reactive applications – responsive, resilient, message driven and elastic – is critical for anyone in an organization who needs to effectively collect large volumes of data and scale their business.


Chariot recently built a demo to show how a reactive platform can capture and visualize data in near real time. Al Iacovella, one of Chariot’s biggest reactive proponents, recently blogged about this project and also described the benefits of using a reactive architecture. If you’re interested in learning more about what reactive means, definitely check it out. It is not just meant for the software engineers of your organization.

Chariot Solutions can help your organization connect your hardware and software to capture and organize your data so you can make better decisions with your data.