Recap – Chariot Day 2013 – Our internal conference…


One thing Chariot people love to do is learn new technologies and techniques. Being consultants constantly challenged in the field, keeping our blades sharp is key to doing battle. Every year or so we get together and run our own internal conference to see what each of our current passions are. We call it Chariot Day.
Earlier this month, on a Saturday, we had two rooms going from 9-5PM, each with 45-minute sessions on subjects such as:

  • Becoming a better programmer, Mythbusters Style
  • Async networking for Android w/Robospice
  • A great session on zsh
  • Data Mining – it’s not just for kids
  • Universal EventBus with Vert.x
  • Functional programming with Scala
  • Single-page Javascript with AngularJS
  • Billions of Things (you can imagine scalability and performance on a large scale)
  • Having fun with the Raspberry Pi
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Understanding the Persistent Data Structures of Clojure
  • Get low w/HBase
  • Getting started with Phone Gap
  • 20 tools that turbo charge a 1.51 person development team

We will be reviewing the content from these sessions to see if we can share them with you.