Chariot DevNews Episode #48 – Big Data all over the place

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It’s the big return of the regular DevNews this week. My co-host Joel Confino and I discuss lots of big data stuff, including:

  • They hype it, then they try to kill it – Why Big Data is not truth – just using Big Data techniques doesn’t make it easy to select good data to begin with, or properly apply statistical and scientific methods, but it does make it faster. Joel and I discuss the pros and cons of this article. Speaking of hype, here’s the Gartner Research Hype Cycle for ya.
  • Joel suggests we may want to eat some Kale – Big Data statistical methods in use to find website issues – Introducing Kale
  • Appropos (sic?) of nothing, here’s an article that triggered my website security concerns – ever hear of Content Security Policy? Deeper W3C people know about it. It’s been implemented in newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, WebKit, Internet Explorer, and other browsers. A draft of version 1.1 has hit, and basically it uses some HTTP headers to turn off/moderate access to embedded scripts and eval() calls. Check it out and add it to your hotlist of security measures.
  • Here’s an idea: go ahead and try to write an application that reaches over 90% of your smartphone’s population. Quick quiz: which one of the major technologies (iOS or Android) would you reach with one (non-version-checking) version of your software? If you guessed Android, BUZZZT! Maybe not. Turns out iOs is not fragmenting as much as Android is. Guess Apple gets their users to upgrade more. See what Joel and I have to say about it.
  • What do you know? Ok, maybe not everything. In fact, definitely not everything. To prove it, Sijin Joseph has put together a web page with a Programmer Competency Matrix. The matrix lays out some areas in which the writer feels a person is not knowledgeable (2^n), has basic knowledge (n^2), has expertise (n), or is a guru (log(n))… I knew we’d get SICP in there somewhere – see the books section.
  • We take some time to discuss the article that finally said what we’re all thinking. It’s time to talk to your Mother in Law – a GigaOm article on LinkedIn endorsements. Wait, this has merit to talk about, because we can claim it’s a large amount of data being acquired for use by LinkedIn.
  • Netflix is on(to) something. See this fabulous Github IO Page where they list out all of their open-sourced libraries and APIs and use their own movies template to do so. Simply fantastic, and shows their deep commitment to the open source community. One of their most recent contributions is Genie, which manages deploying code to AWS instances and is on Joel’s research shortlist.

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Ken Rimple