DevNews #95 – We talk about new AWS services, Angular JS 2.0 surfaces, and the Apple Car is a thing?

In this episode, we talk about Waitr and Protractor, two Jasmine WebDriver APIs, Angular 2.0 surfaces, we talk about Apple’s self-driving car, and discuss a bunch of new Amazon AWS features including Cloud Trail for Route53 and health checks. Stay to the end for our silly Apple Car jokes.

DevNews #63 – Robots that gallop, IDEs written in HTML, a browser swarm, what’s next?

The links Sponsored by Haydle – ask, answer and rate answers to your company’s questions, Data I/O 2013 a conference featuring a variety of technologies and techniques for dealing with large-scale and sophisticated data, and Chariot Education Services, providing training in Java, Spring, Maven/Nexus, Groovy/Grails, Hibernate, Map/Reduce and more. Codio: A Web IDE (Javascript / HTML, CSS, etc.) … Read More

DevNews #60 – Somebody buy Joel a Furby

This week – it’s Not about Furby, but about the new Apple iPhones. Your hosts, Ken Rimple, Sujan Kapadia and Joel Confino talk about whether they’d go out and buy one, whether they still display the same appeal, and what’s under the surface that could be a potential game changer.

DevNews #59 – Bugs made of paper and graphine transistors – does the NSA know?

YEAH! Integrating yeoman-style projects into a larger maven build – Addy Osmani comes up with the goods. Making Maven Grunt We buried the lead – NSA can get to everything Joel brings up the counter-point, an article by ARS. Vertx 2.0 Q&A on InfoQ w/Tim Fox – As per last week’s episode, Vert.X is an … Read More

DevNews #57 – Wherein we decide that PCs are dead, Java VMs still scream, and we want Keynote for Android

We know Keynote for Android will never happen, but keep listening until you hear about Ken’s encounter with a keyboarded, and moused, Android tablet in a remote assignment somewhere in Amish country… Quick sponsor note – registrations are now available for the 2013 Chariot Data IO event. It’s only $80 for an all-day conference focusing … Read More

Chariot Developer News Episode #54 – Wherein an HTTPS vulnerability makes us drop our gear

A recent SSL / TLS vulnerability causes temporary panic in the recording room when Joel knocks over the headphone mixer… But seriously folks, it’s a doosie, one we’ll be watching over the next few weeks. The mixer mishap is pretty funny though. Also, I think I (Ken) mis-quoted the article about Don’s PhoneGap Build plugin. … Read More