DevNews #102 – TACO, terrible testing, and party comets


Today I’m joined by Chariot consultants Sujan Kapadia (@SlurpeeOperator) and Eric Snyder to recap what we deemed to be this week’s exciting tech news.

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Show Notes

  • JavaOne is happening in SF as we speak, and hopefully we’ll have a recap on the Chariot Blog from some of our colleagues who are in attendance. For now, podcasters thoughts are: Jigsaw looks overly complex, but Java 9 REPL sounds exciting.
  • The ultimate spiky-haired boss build key: In light of the recent Volkswagen TDI Diesel cheating scandal, somebody put together this GitHub repo called Volkswagen for CI testing environments. It detects when your tests are being run on a CI server, and makes them pass.
  • Jiawei Li explains his move from Coffeescript to TypeScript – for greater clarity of code.
  • SPACE PARTY: Researchers find Comet Lovejoy spewing ethyl alcohol into space – as much as 500 bottles of wine per second at its peak activity. Cups up!
  • “We’re about to leave a whole chunk of the internet in the past.” Sites move to SHA2 encryption, millions face HTTPS lock-out.
  • A new addition to the open-source Hadoop ecosystem, KUDU, is announced. We figure out what, exactly, a Kudu is.
  • SparkSummit is happening (and all slides are already available in PDF format. Godspeed.) Coolest talk to Sujan? Spark being used at NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) for climate modeling. We all know Spark is popular right now, and for good reason – NASA’s use only validates it further.
  • Hell’s thermostat seems to be broken – Microsoft releases TACO, the Tools for Apache Cordova. From the repo: “For developers new to Cordova, TACO makes it crazy-easy to setup your dev environment so you can begin coding immediately. The install-reqs utility downloads, installs and configures all the build tools you need for each mobile platform.”