DevNews #29 – WebM takes the ‘M’ out of HTML5, JRuby best release ever, more…


This week’s Dev News is brought to you by the letter ‘M’, as in ‘WebM’.  Google has announced that future releases of the Chrome browser will no longer support H.264, instead moving to the new WebM and VP8 codec/format.  So we riff on that for a while.  If you want a really good analysis from people who know Google and video really well, check out the latest episode of This Week in Google from the TWIT network.

We also discuss the App Store trend – both of us have used the Apple Mac App Store, and kinda like it, from a consumer perspective.

Big news in JRuby-land, a big release, we have it covered.  Also we talk about a very nice little feature in Spring’s property placeholder configuration that enables default values, right in the XML.  And we follow up with a discussion on Rich Hickey’s decision to close financial donations to the Clojure project.

Show notes (until it dies) are currently available on  Ken apologizes for the audio quality as he recorded it on his Macbook Air’s internal mic, forgetting to bring his mics back from a recording session with ‘da band’ this weekend.

Have a good week.

Ken & Eric