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DevNews #29 – WebM takes the ‘M’ out of HTML5, JRuby best release ever, more…

This week’s Dev News is brought to you by the letter ‘M’, as in ‘WebM’.  Google has announced that future releases of the Chrome browser will no longer support H.264, instead moving to the new WebM and VP8 codec/format.  So we riff on that for a while.  If you want a really good analysis from … Read More

DevNews #28 – Web Frameworks, Amazon goes DNSing, Refining Ruby, and more

Eric and Ken talk about Amazon’s new DNS server, Route 53, discuss Matt Raible’s excellent web frameworks comparison study, discuss resources for Scala from the Basement Coders, talk about a new mixin feature request around the Ruby language, and more. Disclaimers: Chariot is a SpringSource partner, and uses Amazon and Google services. The opinions of … Read More

BizCast #5 – Mobile Application Developer Seminar – Don Coleman on State of the Art

Today’s conference session is a talk from this week’s Mobile Application Developer seminar series, held by Chariot Solutions, in Philadelphia. The talk, “State of the Art for Mobile Application Development”, was given by Chariot’s Don Coleman, who develops both enterprise and mobile applications in a variety of platforms and languages.  In this talk, he surveys … Read More

BizCast #2 – KYW NewsRadio’s Steve Butler on Social Media

Steve Butler is the Program and News Director for KYW News Radio, a well-known AM news radio station broadcasting out of the Philadelphia region.  The station has adopted social media platforms such as Twitter and podcasting, in order to disseminate news items and provide longer-format content to their listeners.  Mr. Butler is interviewed by Tracey … Read More

TechCast #3 – Interview: Scott Fraser of Portico Systems

In this episode, Ken talks to Scott Fraser of Portico Systems. Scott has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and co-founded Portico eleven years ago with CEO Ned Moore. Scott and I talk about scripting Java with Jython, large-scale 64-bit Java VMs, user interfaces using Netbeans’ Visual Library, and more. This episode features new theme music from … Read More