TechCast #22 – Chris Richardson on Cloud Foundry

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Today, I speak to San Fransisco based consultant Chris Richardson, author of Manning’s POJOs in Action, and creator of Cloud Tools and Cloud Foundry, both tools created to simplify working with Amazon Web Services for Java and Grails applications.

Chris and I speak about the growth of Cloud Computing, as well about his projects.  We also discuss the increased adoption of Groovy and Grails as a rapid development platform.

Pertinent links:
Amazon Web Services
Cloud Tools
Cloud Foundry

Thanks to Chris Richardson for coming on the show.  A reminder for our upcoming Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference, hosted in Philadelphia, PA, on March 26 and 27. With over 50 speakers across a wide variety of topics, it is fast becoming the East Coast event to see. Tickets are selling fast, so to reserve your seat, visit today.

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