TechCast #29 – Manning Authors Forum with Dan Allen, John Resig, David Black

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On today’s show, we feature the Manning author’s Q&A  forum.  Marjan Bace is the co-founder of Manning Publications, which publishes books on a wide variety of technical topics.

Last year at ETE, Marjan assembled the web framework shootout (if interested…  part 1, part 2).  This year Chariot asked him to assemble an author’s forum, where he takes questions from the audience on writing books for publication.

The panelists are Dan Allen, author of Seam in Action, David Black, author of Ruby for Rails and the upcoming title, The Well-Grounded Rubyist, and John Resig, author of the upcoming Secrets of the Javascript Ninja.

This is a very interesting look at what it takes to write a book, what it demands of you, and what you end up learning in return.  Marjan, Dan, David and John did a great job.