TechCast #39 – Jon Kern and Corey Haines on Agile, Software Craftsmanship

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A discussion with Jon Kern and Corey Haines about Agile, Pair Programming, Software Craftsmanship, and more.

Show Notes:

  1. Corey Haines – Pair Programming Tour –
  2. Jon Kern’s web site, Technical Debt.  Here is a recent post on metrics (with links to Corey’s video)  to measure quality July ’09
  3. Software Craftsmanship – the movement website –
  4. Robert C. Martin – “Uncle Bob” –
  5. Interesting comment from JB Rainsberger on the law of Speed -vs- Quality
  6. On not needing defined requirements to enable good design
  7. Technical Debt – what is it?
  8. Kent Beck’s “To Test or not to Test” blog entry (do read the comments) –
  9. The Liskov Substitution Principle and the five principles of class design (SOLID), cohesion and coupling
  10. Jamis Buck – Recovering from the Enterprise – RubyConf ’08 presentation – hey, you don’t need a DI framework in Ruby, man!
  11. Software Engineering – an oxymoron in your organization –
  12. Cucumber RSpec and BDD
  13. Podcast with Arlo Belshee on Promiscuous Programming