ETE 2010 #8 – Bonnie Aumann – Are your developers BSing you?

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Bonnie Aumann is an agile project manager and customer advocate for Algorithmics. Her ETE 2010 talk is entitled “Are your developers BS’ing you?” In this talk, she tries to cut through the potential blame game and IT culture issues by practicing rapid feedback and response, and Agile techniques.

Her abstract

“A question I’m often asked is how a non-technical manager like me can tell when their software team is pulling one over on them. This seems to be especially true of enterprise managers and points to structural problems with command and control development methodologies. The principlesof whole team interaction and the practices of rapid feedback and response in Agile seem to create an alternative culture in which things “just work.”

Explicit tag warning

You’ll hear the word “B.S.” in long form several times in this talk, so anyone offended by this term should not tune in. However, it’s done in context, and is very tasteful.