ETE 2010 #2 – The Great Web Framework Shootout of 2010

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Chariot TechCast ETE Podcast #2 – the Web Framework Shootout of 2010

Warning: NSFW

Our last web framework shootout at ETE was in 2008, and we felt it was high time for another meetup. Since then, Rails and Merb have merged, JSF 2.0 was released, Grails has become more mature, Spring has moved into annotation-driven configuration in a big way, and there are still a ton of choices for an architect to make when choosing a web framework.

This year the shootout is led by Robert Hanson, author of Manning’s GWT In Action, who was a speaker on last year’s podcast. This is a Not Safe For Work download, as it involves some cursing and stronger statements, but overall it’s no worse than you’ll hear when meeting up with a few of these guys at a bar.

Slides have been published by Robert on his website.  We will have them soon as well as a large number of slide decks at

Speakers in this shootout include, in no particular order:

  • Chris Richardson of Cloud Foundry/SpringSource/VMware
  • Dan Allen and Lincoln Baxter III of JBoss, a division of RedHat
  • Alex Payne of Twitter
  • David Black of Cyrus
  • Scott Davis of Thirsty Head
  • Yehuda Katz of Engine Yard
  • Jeremey Grelle of SpringSource/VMware
  • Ed Burns of Oracle

All told, we have representatives arguing for Rails, Grails, Seam, CDI, Spring, Spring MVC and JSF, but also discuss JavaScript “we are solving problems from 10 years ago,” component abstraction -vs- scripting on the page, the eternal Java versus Ruby debate, and many more.

Music for the podcast was performed by Chariot’s Andrew Oswald.