TechCast #101 – Ken Rimple and Will Vuong on ng-conf

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Today’s podcast is the second of a two-part series about ng-conf, the 3-day Google-sponsored conference on all things related to the AngularJS JavaScript framework.

It features a conversation between Ken Rimple and Will Vuong on events at the all-Angular all-the-time conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

They recorded their conversation of reflections on the show shortly after the last session, which included talk on adoption of Angular 2, the reactive APIs around state management such as ngrx store, and more.

Ken and Will talk about:

  • Will’s thoughts about Angular 2 as an Angular 1 developer.
  • The big companies who are putting their stakes in the ground in terms of Angular 2 adoption: Google AdWords, The Weather Channel, and more. We talk about what these examples mean for growth and development of the framework.
  • Whether or not it’ll be a tough sell for enterprises to use Angular 2 and Typescript at the same time. Will predicts initial reluctancy – but after realizing that static compilation eliminates a host of problems while developing, enterprise folks will jump in full-heartedly.
  • Why can’t we make up our minds about the loaders?
  • The things we’re most excited to play with: Angular Universal, the shadow DOM, and the lazy loading of components.
  • Being impressed both by Kara Erickson’s speed typing and Angular Material Design at the Material Design talk. Material Design impressive feature that’s making us wonder why we’re using bootstrap all the time.
  • Angular and rx.js had a baby: ngrx. Why we’re excited about these reactive extensions for Angular and where we think functional reactive programming is heading within the framework.