TechCast #62 – Brendan McAdams of 10Gen MongoDB on Mongo 1.8 and MongoPhilly 2011

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Brendan McAdams, 10Gen, the company behind MongoDB

Today’s guest is Brendan McAdams. He works for 10Gen, the company behind MongoDB, the document-oriented noSQL database. Brendan is a software engineer who wears many hats – he is a developer on the Java and Scala casbah drivers, works with and commits database driver contributions to frameworks like Akka and Lift, and does community outreach and training in MongoDB. Eric Snyder and I sat down to talk to Brendan about the 1.8 release and the MongoPhilly Philly Emerging Tech Week event on April 26. We start by asking Brendan to define MongoDB. If you want to register for the MongoPhilly event and save 20%, register at with the offer code ‘chariot’.




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