Order Out Of Chaos – Maintaining ordered processing of messages in AKKA actors

The reactive paradigm is a wonderful thing. The basic idea is that a reactive application, as much as possible, is asynchronous from beginning to end. It should be event driven, fault tolerant, scalable and responsive. Writing an asynchronous application, however, has it’s own set of unique challenges. In this post I’ll demonstrate an approach we took to solve the challenge of maintaining a definite order, specifically when performing database updates in asynchronous code within an actor.

ETE 2012 – Chris Richardson – SQL? NoSQL? NewSQL?!? What’s a Java developer to do?

From the abstract: The database world is undergoing a major upheaval. NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra are emerging as a compelling choice for many applications. They can simplify the persistence of complex data models and offering significantly better scalability and performance. But these databases have a very different and unfamiliar data model and … Read More

ETE 2011 #3 – How MongoDB Helps Visibiz Tackle Social CRM

Philly Emerging Technologies Podcast 2011 – #3 How MongoDB Helps Visibiz Tackle Social CRM Speaker – Mike Brocious – Lead Architect, Visibiz From the ETE Session Abstract So you’ve heard about MongoDB and it sounds really sweet (BTW, it is!). Now you’re thinking about using it in your application. We can’t tell you if it’s … Read More

TechCast #62 – Brendan McAdams of 10Gen MongoDB on Mongo 1.8 and MongoPhilly 2011

Brendan McAdams, 10Gen, the company behind MongoDB Today’s guest is Brendan McAdams. He works for 10Gen, the company behind MongoDB, the document-oriented noSQL database. Brendan is a software engineer who wears many hats – he is a developer on the Java and Scala casbah drivers, works with and commits database driver contributions to frameworks like … Read More

DevNews #31 – Rails 3.1 rumors, Forking and Joining in Java 7, Google Patents and more

The TechCast is brought to you this (and every) week by our employer / sponsor, Chariot Solutions.  We have lots of training in Spring and Maven coming up in March, and if you hurry you can enjoy an early bird special rate.  Visit our training calendar at Links (in no specific order – you … Read More

TechCast #59 – Eric Snyder on MongoDB, a NoSQL Database Engine

Chariot’s own Eric Snyder discusses MongoDB, a document-oriented NoSQL database. Show Notes MongoDB is built and supported by 10gen Information on BSON, a Binary format similar to JSON: Document oriented datastore. Documents are JSON-like. Storage is really BSON, a binary representation of JSON. Supports ad-hoc querying (like relational) Queries are expressed as BSON documents. You … Read More

Why You Need NoSql in Your Toolbox

Even if you work for Oracle, you still need NoSql databases in your toolbox. One size does not fit all for programming languages, operating systems, IDEs, shoes, bailouts, or anything else. But for a long time now, many developers have been told that relational databases are really the only choice for persistence. If you need … Read More