TechCast #63 – Davis Frank on Jasmine, the Javascript BDD testing framework

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Davis Frank is an agile software engineer who created and contributes to the  open source Jasmine javascript testing framework.  He created the project to help him test applications for the former Palm, now HP webOS mobile application platform, which is written in native Javascript.   Pivotal has a number of projects related to jasmine on github, including the port of Jasmine to the HP WebOS framework, which he also created.

He is speaking at the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference next week, and his talk, Practical Jasmine, will start with a 10 minute quick demo, then dive into real tips on how to best use (see how I didn’t use utilize?) the framework.  We spoke last week about a number of topics, including how Javascript is just a bit different than other languages, how the current testing tools didn’t meet the needs of Pivotal when they were developing applications on the HP WebOS mobile platform, and about where to go to see well-written Jasmine tests (how about the Jasmine source code itself?)





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