TechCast #79 – Chariot’s Sujan Kapadia and Ken Rimple talk about OSCON 2013

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The TechCast is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services – for training in Scala, Spring, Grails, Android, Maven and more. We aren’t just slide turners, either. Ask us about interactive mentoring and semi-structured learning as well.

The TechCast this week was devoted to Sujan’s trip to OSCON 2013. He and a number of other Chariot team members attended the show, and this is his report from the field.

Major Topics

  • The R Tutorial stuck with him – And it was clear that companies are now hiring statisticians with these skills.
  • The HTML 5 – Canvas – Deep Dive tutorial – in that session, he built a side-scrolling video game, and had thoughts about how it was like when he learned BASIC as a kid – it may be easier to teach children to write software on HTML browsers than it is to teach C/C++-based games has been.
  • Major topic area: Functional programming – mainstream – it is everywhere – Scala, ERLANG, Clojure, Javascript…
  • Talk by Neal Ford – Functional Thinking – purely implementing functional patterns in Javascript.
  • Key stress on multi-core programming – Scala/Akka, ERLang. You can’t beat Moore’s law, so find a way to parallelize things.
  • Interesting statistic from someone at the show: ERLang powers 40% of today’s Telecommunications industry. – It is able to handle high volume, fault tolerant, fast, scalable, massively parallel
  • Javascript talk – New Rules for JS – programmers need to accept it and embrace them
  • “Kitchen Sink as a service” – everyone has an offering, it was overwhelming at the conference exhibitor hall
  • Corporate Open Sourcing moves to everything – software, even hardware stacks – RedHat and Netflix and GitHub are big players here, but many others are in this space.
  • Facebook – discussed their Open Compute platform – open sourcing the entire stack
  • Sujan enjoyed the GitHub CEO’s keynote on Culture, freedom and happiness. GitHub structures their company as flat as they can be, and allows developers to follow their interests as long as they align with the company.
  • Hey, would you GitHub repo owners ChooseALicense already? It’s getting tough to use your software if you don’t mark what license to use. To that end Tim O’Reilly discussed this.

Oh, and beer. It IS Portland. So, beer!