Business of Technology #4 – Gilt Groupe CTO Michael Bryzek on Gilt and Open Source

In this interview with Gilt Groupe CTO Michael Bryzek, we discuss how the company started, the open source technologies they’ve used, and how their open source commitment has evolved. We take some time to talk about the scale of their operation, and how they leverage micro services as a way to make it more manageable and scalable in both infrastructure and human terms.

TechCast #79 – Chariot’s Sujan Kapadia and Ken Rimple talk about OSCON 2013

The TechCast is sponsored by Chariot Solutions Education Services – for training in Scala, Spring, Grails, Android, Maven and more. We aren’t just slide turners, either. Ask us about interactive mentoring and semi-structured learning as well. The TechCast this week was devoted to Sujan’s trip to OSCON 2013. He and a number of other Chariot … Read More

PhillyETE Screencast #18 – Scaling out with Akka Actors – Joshua Suereth

From the abstract: “Erlang has made popular the notation of asynchronous message passing as means of distribution and Scaling. While the idea of “actors” is fundamentally simple, how do we, the software engineers, make use of this abstraction to develop real life, scalable systems? This talk designs a scalable distributed search service using Akka and … Read More

ETE 2012 – Nathan Marz on Storm

From the abstract: Storm makes it easy to write and scale complex realtime computations on a cluster of computers, doing for realtime processing what Hadoop did for batch processing. Storm guarantees that every message will be processed. And it’s fast – you can process millions of messages per second with a small cluster. Best of … Read More

ETE 2011 #2 – Doing the Mundane a Million Times a Minute with Mark Chadwick

Philly Emerging Technologies Podcast 2011 – #2 Doing the Mundane a Million Times a Minute Speaker – Mark Chadwick, Invite Media/Google From the ETE Session Abstract When dealing with high-volume distributed systems, even the most mundane tasks can be daunting challenges. This talk describes some of the steps, as well as missteps, made while building … Read More

TechCast #59 – Eric Snyder on MongoDB, a NoSQL Database Engine

Chariot’s own Eric Snyder discusses MongoDB, a document-oriented NoSQL database. Show Notes MongoDB is built and supported by 10gen Information on BSON, a Binary format similar to JSON: Document oriented datastore. Documents are JSON-like. Storage is really BSON, a binary representation of JSON. Supports ad-hoc querying (like relational) Queries are expressed as BSON documents. You … Read More

TechCast #52 – Peter Neubauer on neo4j – a graph database

Peter Neubauer (Twitter :@peterneubauer) is the COO of Neo Technology and one of the founders of neo4j – a graph-based database engine.  We talked about the neo4j project and discussed how it can be used from Java and other languages as an alternative that can provide highly scalable access to related data. Resources neo4j home … Read More