TechCast #93 – Ari Lerner on Angular 2

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Ari Lerner is an author, teacher, and developer who founded and develops the ng-book and ng-book 2 on Angular 1 & 2. Ken speaks to Ari about TypeScript, observables, and Angular 2, as well as the adoption curve of the new framework.

Ari will be a speaker at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. His talk is called Taming the Wild Wild West of Next-Gen Front-End Apps. Learn more about this developer-friendly, Chariot-sponsored conference here.

We Talk to Ari About:

  • How he got involved in the Angular community. After leaving his day job to develop a personal project – a mentoring calendar – he found he needed a slick front end for his back end. Cue Angular. While it made his life easier, Ari found it was missing was proper documentation. So he took it upon himself to be the bridge that communicates Angular’s deeply technical concepts into “English – maybe, kinda.” What started out as 2 or 3 blog posts turned into a 600 page book, ng-book, the preeminent read on Angular development.
  • How he keeps in sync with the Angular 2 team, getting book releases out shortly after beta releases. We also discuss writing books – bravery or stupidity?
  • The factors Ari thinks could improve adoption of Angular 2, and if he thinks it’s ready for folks to start using on real projects.
  • His thoughts on Microsoft’s Reactive JS (RXJS), and other reactive programming styles.
  • His favorite tools when developing in JavaScript, and why the Angular team chose to use WebPack. Ari points out that build tools and build pipelines are a pain point that the Angular team hears often, and admits he has no ‘magic bullet’ answer – only that the team is considering writing a book on using WebPack with Angular.
  • A preview of the topics Ari’s talk will cover. He’ll be discussing where we are at the cutting edge of web development today, covering frameworks like Angular, React, Redux, all the way up to best deployment practices using containers.

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