AngularJS Corner – How to unit test forms

A lot of people are still using AngularJS. It’s hard to port your entire application to a new platform and even language. This week we had a student who asked a very good question: how do you unit test forms in AngularJS? Well, this article got me started. I wanted to put it in context … Read More

Firebase: The Good, the Bad, and the… Good Again?

First Contact We were building a small proof of concept for a mobile app, when one of the stakeholders requested that we evaluate Firebase for it. It was my first exposure to Firebase, which looks like it was a cloud database that grew to include authentication, notifications, and other features. On the face of it, … Read More

TechCast #93 – Ari Lerner on Angular 2

Ari Lerner is an author, teacher, and developer who founded and develops the ng-book and ng-book 2 on Angular 1 & 2. Ken speaks to Ari about TypeScript, observables, and Angular 2, as well as the adoption curve of the new framework. Ari will be a speaker at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. His … Read More

The new Angular router – naming conventions

This article is very old, and as such do not rely on it for information about the Angular 2.0 router API. As of this time, the new router has a few naming conventions to be aware of. Modifying the components directory I didn’t want to place my components in the root directory of my web … Read More

The new Angular Router – a simple example

In this post, we’ll look at how the new AngularJS router is configured, and how you can use it to route to a view area on a page. We’ll follow up with more sophisticated examples later, but for now, this is a simple ‘getting started’ post. I’ve taken a copy of a release candidate of Angular 1.4.0, the Router as of the week of 3/15/2015, and the latest version of Angular Material Design – a nice and simple UI layout API that is a nice alternative to Twitter Bootstrap. I used it for a simple image gallery display program.

ng-conf 2015 – Misko Hevery's Angular 2.0 Keynote – syntax, approach

We start our coverage of ng-conf 2015 with day 2's keynote by Misko Hevery, because that's what everyone had been waiting for since the debut of 2.x at his keynote back at ng-conf Europe. This time, Misko laid out the rationale for the platform rewrite quite clearly, explaining that it was driven by developer productivity needs and performance.