TechChat Tuesdays #64: SwiftUI, SwiftData, and iOS 17 with Michael Hulet

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We’re excited to have Michael Hulet back to the show. Michael is an iOS expert here at Chariot, and we talk candidly about some of the major announcements that came out of WWDC 2023: SwiftUI, SwiftData, the Apple Vision Pro, iPadOS, and more.



Show Notes

  • Enjoyed Michael’s insights? Don’t miss his last episode about developing accessibly for mobile.
  • What’s new in Swift 5.9? Variadic generics, macros, observability, interoperability with C++, static linking via mergeable libraries, and more.
  • SwiftData, a modern, macro-based replacement for Core Data (well, it technically wraps Core Data). Makes it easy to persist data using declarative code, can query and filter data using regular Swift code, and integrates seamlessly with SwiftUI.
  • Apple Vision Pro: a $3800 pair of ski goggles, or “AirPods for the eyes.” We kid, kind of, but we’re excited to see where this gadget goes.
  • What’s new in iOS 17? Voicemail for FaceTime, Assistive Access, NameDrop, SharePlay in CarPlay, NameDrop for sharing contacts, and more.
  • Want to run OS X Sonoma, but can’t dedicate a computer to it? Here’s how to run Apple OS X Sonoma Developer Beta on UTM from OS X Ventura, written by host Ken Rimple.

Producer note: This episode took place on July 11th, 2023. This is a recording. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all our new tech content.