Developer News

DevNews Programming Note – Schedule Update

I’ve made a decision to move the Developer News to a bi-weekly podcast. Though the decision was a hard one, we are finding it hard to do a show every week, and sometimes we have to scramble for enough time to prep appropriately. I think moving to a bi-weekly slot will help us provide some … Read More

DevNews 82 – We discuss Dashing dashboards, our favorite Vagrant, ECMAScript 6 (look, ma, CLASSES) and of course we rant…

You miss a week, you get, well, more articles. See what the DevNews team has come up with this week – we talk about the unveiling of the BitCoin Founder (maybe?), Mt. Gox a bit, software patents (and Ken brings up his old trope – Unlocking the Sky IS a good book!), the new Vagrant and Vagrant remote client, how Cell Phone Unlocking WOULD have been great if the lobbyists could have stopped tweaking it, and more.

DevNews #76 – HAML-esque JS templates, a monitor for $400, what’s the world coming to?

We have a great set of resources for you today, ranging from HAML-like templates in Javascript, to a great Go tutorial website, to some heavy-duty Scala Akka Finite State Machine discusisons, iOS Workflows, a $15 Arduino with GPS, and much more. Hosts – Ken Rimple, Joel Confino, Eric Snyder and Sujan Kapadia.