ETE 2013

Spock: A Highly Logical Way To Test

From the abstract: “Spock is a fabulous new testing framework for the JVM. Spock leverages all the DSL power of the Groovy language to make testing a breeze. Spock tests are concise and readable, with excellent support for error reporting and for mock object creation. Spock removes much of the pain from test driven development! … Read More

The Fundamentals of JVM Tuning

From the abstract: “When you are faced with the challenge of tuning JVM, you can find a wide variety information. Yet, almost always the information is rather specific in the type of tuning, or specific to a type of problem. Seldom can you find information that tells abstracts the details into a higher level and … Read More

Exploring the Internals of Active Record

From the abstract: “In this talk we’ll be exploring the internals of Active Record, the ORM used in the Ruby on Rails web framework. We’ll look at the architecture of the internals along with caching strategies, connection handling, and speed improvements. This talk will cover new features in Rails 4, as well as strategies for … Read More

Architecting an event-driven networking engine: Twisted Python

From the abstract: “How do you write and deploy an extensible, cross-platform, event-driven HTTP, SSH, or IMAP server in Python in zero lines of code? With Twisted! Twisted is the granddaddy of event-driven Python networking libraries and has been a proving ground for how to structure such a framework for the last decade. In this … Read More

Patterns and Functional Programming

From the abstract: “Patterns and functional programming aren’t often mentioned together, but they’re related in a couple of ways. First, most of the classic object oriented design patterns fade away in languages with functional features. Second, functional languages have their own set of interesting patterns, which can often be given first class language support. In … Read More