ETE 2013 Screencast #38 – JavaScript Frameworks Panel: Which is the right framework for me?

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From the abstract: “As web developers we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. And as that line of what is possible keeps advancing we develop new tools and techniques to help us manage the added complexity. Today’s tooling includes JavaScript compilers, client-side MVC frameworks, integrated client and server solutions, and specialized micro libraries.

In this panel we will discuss the merits of some of these tools and what to look for when selecting a tool for a given project. What are the benefits of compiling to JavaScript as opposed to coding in it? What are the core differences between different MVC solutions? What are the tradeoffs that you make when you use an integrated framework that runs on both the client and server side? What about testing, security, and continuous integration? And if you are new to developing JavaScript applications, where do you start?

Join Tim Branyen (Backbone contributor), Brian Ford (AngularJS core developer and co-author of AngularJS in Acton and ), Yehuda Katz (co-author of jQuery in Action and creator of Ember), Avital Oliver (Meteor core developer), Lukas Ruebbelke (co-author of AngularJS in Action), and Robert Hanson (co-author of GWT in Action) as moderator as we attempt to find an answer to the most important question. Which tool is the right one for me?”