Philly ETE 2019 – Dan Koch – Getting Out of Cloud Jail

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AWS has made our life easier. And it has made scaling easier – but too often, when you go to scale, it’s a matter of reaching for the credit card to add more, more, more. Soon, you’re in Cloud Jail. Learn how we dealt with this at TUNE, and how we ultimately did a jailbreak.

About Dan Koch

Dan Koch is a software architect and leader, currently serving as Chief Technical Officer for TUNE. As CTO, Dan is responsible for the product and engineering organizations for HasOffers and the TUNE Marketing Console, overseeing the work of more than a hundred technical professionals building the industry-leading solution for mobile and performance marketing.

Dan was previously a Director of Engineering and In-App Marketing at TUNE. TUNE had previously acquired Artisan Mobile, for which Dan had served as Director of Product Development. Artisan was the industry’s first mobile experience management (MEM) platform, allowing businesses to analyze, manage and enhance their existing mobile applications in real-time without writing code or resubmitting to app stores.

Previously, Dan served as the chief Agile Project Management Coach for the Best Buy Technology Group, as well the project lead, architect, and solution owner for the United States Air Force’s Model and Simulation Training Toolkit, used to train more than fifty thousand United States service members annually via theater-wide air combat simulation.