Philly ETE 2020 – Brian LeRoux – Less, but better, serverless with OpenJS Architect

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OpenJS Architect is the fastest and simplest framework for rapidly building web applications with modern serverless primitives. Architect implements a high level infrastructure manifest file that generates standard AWS CloudFormation for deployment.

Instead of wasting frustrating days and weeks navigating the Byzantine AWS console and docs for configuration golf you can have an app running locally in seconds and deployed live mere moments. Architect is tuned for great developer experience building web apps with first class support for local development.

In this talk we’ll live code a few apps to demonstrate the amazing iteration speed of building in a familiar way without sacrificing the benefits of the stateless paradigm. We’ll learn how to maximize lead time to production by focusing on core business logic. We’ll lock down our app with least priv security by default and be immediately productive by deploying completely reproducible and deterministic builds to the cloud.

About Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux is currently building a CI/CD for serverless AWS apps at on an open source foundation Previously he worked at Adobe on PhoneGap and Apache Cordova. Brian believes the future is an open web, seamlessly running on the cloud, stewarded by hackers like you.