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Philly ETE #45- Patterns for Service Security in Hybrid Public/Private Cloud Deployment – Gulrukh Ahanger


From the abstract: Cloud computing is not a new paradigm and has been utilized by organization for a long time as private cloud computing. Outsourcing cloud computing has rapidly become more desirable due to higher availability and flexibility of compute resource that is cost effective. Organization are adopting hybrid model for running services, that is, … Read More

Data I/O 2013 – Amazon Redshift – Game Changer? – Eric Snyder


Is Amazon’s new managed, lower cost, petabyte scale warehousing solution a game changer? We’ll review the costs and discuss what does (or does not) make Amazon Redshift reliable, scalable and effective. We’ll dive into the technical details behind the query and storage engines and we’ll expose what works well and what does not. This talk should benefit both those that are and are not already part of the Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

ETE 2012 – Gordon Dickens – Java EE in the Cloud

Our own Gordon Dickens (@gdickens) has put together a survey of choices for deploying Java EE in various cloud platforms. Here is his ETE session: Developers are now being tasked with writing applications for the cloud. Although that is a simple buzzword, what does it mean to me, the developer? When developing Java Enterprise applications … Read More

ETE 2012 – Rick Nucci – Rein in the Cloud Chaos/Best Practices – Why Your Cloud Strategy Must Start with an Integration Strategy

From the abstract: CIOs today have the opportunity to become cloud champions in their organizations, building innovative new IT models that drive new business opportunities. Whether your business is purchasing a single cloud application or driving a company-wide cloud strategy, it is essential to centralize, secure and manage the flow of information in and out … Read More

DevNews #44 – Grails, Griffon, Apache Tika, our favorite developer tools and more

Rich Freedman lent some time to talk to Ken Rimple tonight over skype and re-launch the Developer News series, which has been on hiatus since February. Here are some of the topics they discussed: Apache Tika – Apache Tika Griffon 0.9.5 released – 120 plugins?? Wow… Grails 2.0.3 is available Apache Tomcat 7.0.27 released with … Read More

Spring 3.1 – Environment Profiles

Spring 3.1 Environment Profiles Profiles Spring 3.1 now includes support for the long awaited environment aware feature called profiles. Now we can activate profiles in our application, which allows us to define beans by deployment regions, such as “dev”, “qa”, “production”, “cloud”, etc. We also can use this feature for other purposes: defining profiles for … Read More

TechCast #67 – Ryan Campbell of CloudBees on Dev@Cloud and Run@Cloud

In this episode, Ryan Campbell joins Ken to talk about the CloudBees development platform, Dev@Cloud, and Java runtime platform, Run@Cloud.  Dev@Cloud can host private maven snapshot and release repositories, your GIT or SVN version control, and hosted Jenkins CI testing. For information about CloudBees or about the platforms, including hosted Hudson and open source CI … Read More

DevNews #38 – The world is changing (a bit) and more

This week we catch up with all of the world’s news in what normally is a quiet August. Then we discuss some new releases in the Firefox world, the new Java Lambda decision, Java 7 features, and a warning about Java 7 and Lucene. Hosts:  Jason Gtitman and Ken Rimple Show Notes Lamba decision for … Read More