Philly ETE 2020 – Evan Oslick – Software Security: Can it keep up with the current speed of development?

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The delivery of software is happening faster and faster. The use of microservices, agile development, CI/CD, and containers is changing the delivery time of software. At the same time, the number of software vulnerabilities is also growing. A software security assurance program must scale to meet the growing number of software and time to deliver products.

This talk will walk through the goals of a software security assurance program as well as identify the key components which are needed to be effective in the fast pace delivery of software.

About Evan Oslick

I am currently a software security architect at Vertex, Inc. I have spent 15 years in the application security space after spending 7 years as a software engineer. I have created software assurance programs, vulnerability assessments, pen testing, software architecture, threat modeling, and all things software. I love automating things and can sometimes spend way too much time trying to script things.