Philly ETE 2020 – Ken Rimple – Serverless, Schmerverless: Why Should I Care?

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Ah, Serverless. The term that means a dozen different things to a dozen different developers. In the most simple case, Serverless just means deploying applications to a platform where the servers are managed for you, and abstracted away as much as possible. But Serverless can also mean a database that scales automatically without your intervention, a Docker platform managed by the vendor, or even a framework called Serverless that helps you build scalable applications. Or it could be referring to SAM, Amazon’s framework for the same thing, or, or many other platforms.

In this talk, I’ll cover what Serverless means to me, namely the Serverless framework and how to use it to deploy applications to the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. I’ll discuss how to set up a Serverless application, how to define Lambdas (functions), wire up security with Cognito and AWS Amplify, and how to call other cloud services. We’ll compare Serverless to SAM and Architect, and discuss some of the challenges you’ll run into in developing on Serverless.

About Ken Rimple

Ken almost started “coding” at an early age when he used a battery, two wires and an old flashcube to make a flashlight (those in the other room saw a blinding flash, then heard screams of agony). Dodging this early accident, he never stops learning how to break things.

He is Chariot’s Training Services director, and writes and teaches courses focusing on Single Page JavaScript application platforms such as React and Angular. He also teaches/works with Spring, Java and Maven, among other technologies, has amassed 10 years of podcast episodes at the Chariot Solutions TechCast, writes tutorials, and speaks about JavaScript development at conferences. He is the co-author of Spring Roo in Action from Manning.

He loves photography and music, plays guitar in a rock and roll band, and lives alone with four kids, a wife, two dogs and his tinnitus.